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In Memoriam: Terry Cook (1947–2014)

  • Karen Anderson
  • Gillian Oliver
  • Elizabeth YakelEmail author

Our good friend, colleague, mentor, and member of the Archival Science Editorial Board since its inception in 2000, Terry Cook passed away on May 12, 2014. We mourn his passing both as individuals and for the international archival profession.

As an archivist at the National Archives of Canada and later as a Professor at the University of Manitoba archival studies program, his writings, presentations, and innovative approaches to archival work, particularly appraisal, influenced generations of archivists internationally.

Terry’s scholarship helped to launch Archival Science as a serious, scholarly, and international journal. As an author he contributed some of our most frequently cited articles, including his 2001 article “Archival science and postmodernism: new formulations for old concepts” and his 2002 article with Joan Schwartz, “Archives, Records, and Power: From (Postmodern) Theory to (Archival) Performance” which also served as an introduction to their special issue also entitled Archives, Records, and Power. In these and his other articles, Terry always made us stop and rethink our ideas, question our assumptions, and reflect more deeply on the nature and value of archival work.

Terry was also an outstanding member of the Archival Science Editorial Board. As a reviewer, he brought keen insight and constructive criticism to all of his reviews. Many Archival Science papers were improved through his comments. Underlying his criticisms though, was his belief that we could do better and that mentoring has helped to shape a generation of scholars.

As editors-in-chief, we will miss Terry’s contributions to Archival Science and the archival profession, as friends and colleagues of Terry we will miss his questioning, nudging, and advising. We always knew that his goal was to better the archival profession and improve archival scholarship. He modeled this himself and pushed others to do this. Good-bye Terry and thank you for all of your insight. You are missed.


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