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Transparency, Compliance, and Accountability: Developing a Knowledge Infrastructure for Macroappraisal at Library and Archives Canada

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The author examines the adoption and evolution of macroappraisal at Library and Archives Canada from the point of view of managing program information. Practices inherited from an earlier period were improved in the areas of accountability and control of the administrative process, but these improvements could not support the new approach’s most recent needs in terms of communication, research and analysis, and reflection on the program’s consistency and results. The operational sector responsible for the program took the initiative to build an information system, the Records Disposition Authorities Control System (RDACS), which proved a key asset in re-engineering the program, both in identifying problems and in sharing knowledge essential to its success.


accountability archival appraisal Library and Archives Canada macroappraisal RDACS (Records Disposition Authorities Control System) 


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