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“But am I Getting My Records?” Squaring the Circle with Terms and Conditions Expressed in Relation to Function and Activity

  • Brian P. N. BeavenEmail author


The dilemma of implementing macroappraisal is to transform theory and methodology into selection and preservation of archival records through disposition procedures. Having shifted the focus from the record to the function from which it derives, how does a program or an appraisal project committed to the macroappraisal approach get back to the record to ensure compliance and accountability? This paper uses the experience of Library and Archives Canada (LAC) as a form of case study (a model for success) which examines how applied theory and program practice come to terms with each other. It analyses the tensions, the challenges, and the creativity that inevitably arise when turning macroappraisal from an appraisal methodology into a fully articulated archival disposition program whose final “deliverable” is the archival record.

Making things simple, it turns out, is complicated.


disposition function Library and Archives Canada macroappraisal recordkeeping terms and conditions 


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