Induced cell proliferation in pearl oyster

Effects of in vivo implant and in vitro inducement of mantle cells on the epithelium activity in pearl oyster (Hyriopsis cumingii)

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In shellfish, the mantle epithelium takes charge of the formation of shell or pearl, which is a vital cell in the biomineralization process. However, research on the methods of culture of mantle epithelium has progressed quite slowly, and cell lines have not yet been established in pearl oyster. The present research investigated the growth characteristics of mantle epithelium from Hyriopsis cumingii, and the mantle was processed through free-cell implantation and ethylnitrosourea (ENU) or ultraviolet (UV) light inducement. The results indicated that the cell viability (OD260 ratio of RNA to DNA, i.e., RNA/DNA) of mantle epithelium was maintained at high levels for in vitro culture compared to cell culture (60–108 h) (P < 0.05). After mantle epithelium implantation, proliferation and viability were significantly promoted in the implanted cells when they were selected from previous culture cell at 24 and 108 h (P < 0.05). During the process of ENU or UV inducement, cell viability, proliferation, and cell survival rates were significantly affected (P < 0.05). The cell vitality and proliferation characteristics were significantly decreased with the prolonging of culture time by 0.03% ENU inducement (P < 0.05), and they were significantly promoted at 192 and 240 h compared with other groups by 60 mJ/cm2 UV inducement (P < 0.05). The DNA damage products of ENU and UV were significantly increased under ENU or UV inducement, respectively (P < 0.05). These results suggested that the mantle epithelium of H. cumingii started the repairing process after the damage caused using ENU or UV treatments. The present research provided some basic information for further research of mantle epithelium proliferation and cell line establishment in pearl oyster in vitro.

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  • Hyriopsis cumingii
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