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Measures of weak noncompactness and fixed point theory for 1-set weakly contractive operators on unbounded domains

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The main purpose of this paper is to prove a collection of new fixed point theorems and existence theorems for the nonlinear operator equation F(x) =αx (α ≥ 1) for so-called 1-set weakly contractive operators on unbounded domains in Banach spaces. We also introduce the concept of weakly semi-closed operator at the origin and obtain a series of new fixed point theorems and the existence theorems for the nonlinear operator equation F(x) = αx (α ≥ 1) for such class of operators. As consequences, the main results generalize and improve the relevant results, which are obtained by O’Regan and A. Ben Amar and M. Mnif in 1998 and 2009 respectively. In addition, we get the famous fixed point theorems of Leray-Schauder, Altman, Petryshyn and Rothe type in the case of weakly sequentially continuous, 1-set weakly contractive (µ-nonexpansive) and weakly semi-closed operators at the origin and their generalizations. The main condition in our results is formulated in terms of axiomatic measures of weak compactness.

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Correspondence to Shaoyuan Xu.

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Supported in part by the Foundation of Hanshan Normal University, China.

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Xu, S., Ben Amar, A. Measures of weak noncompactness and fixed point theory for 1-set weakly contractive operators on unbounded domains. Anal. Theory Appl. 27, 224–238 (2011). https://doi.org/10.1007/s10496-011-0224-2

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Key words

  • measure of weak noncompactness
  • weakly condensing and weakly nonexpansive
  • weakly sequentially continuous
  • weakly semi-closed at the origin
  • fixed point theorem

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  • 47H10
  • 47J05
  • 47J10