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A new BLO estimate for maximal singular integral operators


In this paper, we extend Hu and Zhang’s results in [2] to different case.

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Author information

Correspondence to Qiquan Fang.

Additional information

Project 10671062 is supported by NSF of China, Project 11071065 is supported by NSF of China, Project 20094306110004 supported by RFDP of high education of China and Supported by the Program for Science and Technology Research Team in Higher Educational Institutions of Hunan Province.

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Fang, Q., Shi, X. A new BLO estimate for maximal singular integral operators. Anal. Theory Appl. 27, 211–219 (2011).

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Key words

  • BLO
  • singular integral operator

AMS (2010) subject classification

  • 42A50
  • 42A16