Flow, Turbulence and Combustion

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Experimental and Computational Investigations of Flow and Mixing in a Single-Annular Combustor Configuration

  • Suad JakirlićEmail author
  • Björn Kniesner
  • Gisa Kadavelil
  • Markus Gnirß
  • Cameron Tropea


A complementary experimental and computational study of the flow and mixing in a single annular gas turbine combustor has been carried out. The object of the investigation is a generic mixing chamber model, representing an unfolded segment of a simplified Rich-Quick-Lean (RQL) combustion chamber operating under isothermal, non-reacting conditions at ambient pressure. Two configurations without and with secondary air injection were considered. To provide an appropriate reference database several planar optical measurement techniques (time-resolved flow visualisation, PIV, QLS) were used. The PIV measurements have been performed providing profiles of all velocity and Reynolds-stress components at selected locations within the combustor. Application of a two-layer hybrid LES/RANS (HLR) method coupling a near-wall k − ε RANS model with conventional LES in the core flow was the focus of the computational work. In addition to the direct comparison with the experimental results, the HLR performance is comparatively assessed with the results obtained by using conventional LES using the same (coarser) grid as HLR and two eddy-viscosity-based RANS models. The HLR model reproduced all important flow features, in particular with regard to the penetrating behaviour of the secondary air jets, their interaction with the swirled main flow, swirl-induced free recirculation zone evolution and associated precessing-vortex core phenomenon in good agreement with experimental findings.


Single-annular swirl combustor PIV measurements Quantitative Light-Sheet (QLS) method  LES RANS Hybrid LES/RANS methods 


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  • Suad Jakirlić
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    Email author
  • Björn Kniesner
    • 1
  • Gisa Kadavelil
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  • Markus Gnirß
    • 1
  • Cameron Tropea
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  1. 1.Fluid Mechanics and AerodynamicsTechnische Universität DarmstadtDarmstadtGermany

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