Asia Pacific Journal of Management

, Volume 22, Issue 2, pp 123–141

Perspectives—From China Strategy to Global Strategy



This article argues that starting with substantial divergence, China strategy research and global strategy research are now converging. This scholarly transformation is largely driven by the recent rise of the Chinese economy, which has emerged from being a peripheral member of the global economy to a core contributor. I trace some of the early roots of China research in our field, outline the beginning of my own China research, and discuss my more recent research which has become more global incorporating substantial China and non-China elements. In addition, I use the emergence of the institution-based view of strategy, which has been largely propelled by China research, to shed light on how China research may make more global theoretical contributions beyond the immediate context of this research. Finally, to further push China research to the center stage of global strategy research, I recommend that scholars “act local, think global.”


China strategy global strategy institution-based view 


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