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Polynomial extensions of quasi-Baer rings


For a ring endomorphism α and an α-derivation δ, we introduce α-compatible rings which are a generalization of α-rigid rings, and study on the relationship between the quasi Baerness and p.q.-Baer property of a ring R and those of the polynomial extensions (including formal skew power series, skew Laurent polynomials and skew Laurent series). As a consequence we obtain a generalization of [6], [8] and [16].

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Correspondence to E. Hashemi.

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Hashemi, E., Moussavi, A. Polynomial extensions of quasi-Baer rings. Acta Math Hung 107, 207–224 (2005).

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  • Key words and phrases
  • Baer rings
  • quasi-Baer rings
  • Armendariz rings
  • (α, δ)-compatible rings
  • skew polynomial rings