Generation of current conveyor based oscillators using nodal admittance matrix expansion



A new approach in the systematic synthesis of current conveyor based active RC canonic oscillators is given. The synthesis procedure is based on the generalized systematic synthesis framework using admittance matrix expansion. The resulting derived oscillators include many novel oscillators, using various types of current conveyors and inverting current conveyors. The oscillators considered in this paper uses the minimum number of passive elements namely two capacitors and three resistors necessary to have independent control on the condition of oscillation and on the frequency of oscillation. The generated oscillators employ two grounded capacitors and have the advantage of their ability to absorb parasitic element effects. Three classes are considered in this paper, class I oscillators have a common node between one of the capacitors and one of the two grounded resistors. Class II oscillators have a common node between one of the capacitors and the floating resistor. Class III has all three resistors being grounded and one of them shares a node with one of the capacitors. It should be noted that this is the first paper in the literature to use nodal admittance matrix expansion in the generation of current conveyor oscillators. Spice simulation results are included to support the theory. The proposed method can be generalized to other active devices.


Nodal admittance matrix synthesis Nullator Norator Pathological current and voltage mirrors Oscillators 

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