Algebras and Representation Theory

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Lie Algebras of Slow Growth and Klein-Gordon PDE

  • Dmitry Millionshchikov


We discuss the notion of characteristic Lie algebra of a hyperbolic PDE. The integrability of a hyperbolic PDE is closely related to the properties of the corresponding characteristic Lie algebra χ. We establish two explicit isomorphisms:
  1. 1)
    the first one is between the characteristic Lie algebra \(\chi (\sinh {u})\) of the sinh-Gordon equation \(u_{xy}=\sinh {u}\) and the non-negative part \({\mathcal {L}}({\mathfrak {sl}}(2,{\mathbb {C}}))^{\ge 0}\) of the loop algebra of \({\mathfrak {sl}}(2,{\mathbb {C}})\) that corresponds to the Kac-Moody algebra \(A_{1}^{(1)}\)
    $$\chi(\sinh{u})\cong {\mathcal{L}}({\mathfrak{s}\mathfrak{l}}(2,{\mathbb{C}}))^{\ge 0}={\mathfrak{s}\mathfrak{l}}(2, {\mathbb{C}}) \otimes {\mathbb{C}}[t]. $$
  2. 2)
    the second isomorphism is for the Tzitzeica equation uxy = eu + e− 2u
    $$\chi(e^{u}{+}e^{-2u}) \cong {\mathcal{L}}({\mathfrak{s}\mathfrak{l}}(3,{\mathbb{C}}), \mu)^{\ge0}=\bigoplus_{j = 0}^{+\infty}{\mathfrak{g}}_{j (\text{mod} \; 2)} \otimes t^{j}, $$
    where \({\mathcal {L}}({\mathfrak {sl}}(3,{\mathbb {C}}), \mu )=\bigoplus _{j \in {\mathbb {Z}}}{\mathfrak {g}}_{j (\text {mod} \; 2)} \otimes t^{j}\) is the twisted loop algebra of the simple Lie algebra \({\mathfrak {sl}}(3,{\mathbb {C}})\) that corresponds to the Kac-Moody algebra \(A_{2}^{(2)}\).

Hence the Lie algebras \(\chi (\sinh {u})\) and χ(eu + e− 2u) are slowly linearly growing Lie algebras with average growth rates \(\frac {3}{2}\) and \(\frac {4}{3}\) respectively.


Characteristic Lie algebra Naturally graded Lie algebra Loop algebra Kac-Moody algebra Hyperbolic PDE Sine-Gordon equation Tzitzeica equation Bell polynomial Gelfand-Kirillov dimension 

Mathematics Subject Classification (2010)

17B80 17B67 35B06 


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The author is very grateful to Sergey Smirnov and Victor Buchstaber for valuable comments and remarks.


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