The Embodied Teen: A Somatic Curriculum for Teaching Body-Mind Awareness, Kinesthetic Intelligence, and Social and Emotional Skills

Susan Bauer, North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, CA, $24.95
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The reviewers are both dance educators and board certified dance/movement therapiasts and believe in the importance of somatic learning and its significant role in the schools. Both have had teaching, counseling and dance/movement therapy roles with adolescents and have experienced the power of the body-mind connection in helping adolescents navigate the physical, social, emotional and relational developmental challenges during this time.

Over the past 15 years, America’s educational system has been primarily dedicated to cognitive functioning and testing, which contributes to the mind–body split and reinforces teens being out of touch with their bodies. Along with society’s fascination with technology and social media, youth development has not been prioritized. With The Embodied Teenstudent-centered and embodied anatomy approach, students can be empowered by interactive somatic experiences. Subsequently they can hone their awareness of themselves in movement, strengthen their...


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