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Men in Dance/Movement Therapy: The 2010 ADTA International Panel

  • Patricia P. CapelloEmail author


Existing in a world traditionally founded on patriarchal societies, dance/movement therapy flourishes as a predominantly feminine field. In the 16th International Panel of the American Dance Therapy Association, Dr. Miriam Roskin Berger, founder and chair, opened the forum for the first time to an investigation of the complex role of men in dance/movement therapy as both therapists and clients. The respectful and enthusiastic response from the audience proved the merit of initiating this informed discussion. Coming from backgrounds that included medical doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, choreographers, and dancers, the panelists candidly described their personal and professional journeys to becoming dance/movement therapists. The panel also looked at the singular experiences of male survivors of trauma of abandonment, sexual abuse, and war for clients in dance/movement therapy.

The Panel Overview

Representing ten countries, the panel explored a multitude of issues...


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