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, Volume 47, Issue 4, pp 507–530 | Cite as

A survey of decision making methods based on certain hybrid soft set models

  • Xueling Ma
  • Qi Liu
  • Jianming ZhanEmail author


Fuzzy set theory, rough set theory and soft set theory are all generic mathematical tools for dealing with uncertainties. There has been some progress concerning practical applications of these theories, especially, the use of these theories in decision making problems. In the present article, we review some decision making methods based on (fuzzy) soft sets, rough soft sets and soft rough sets. In particular, we provide several novel algorithms in decision making problems by combining these kinds of hybrid models. It may be served as a foundation for developing more complicated soft set models in decision making.


Fuzzy set Soft set Rough set Rough soft set Soft rough set Decision making 

Mathematics Subject Classification

03E72 90B50 06D72 



The authors are extremely grateful to the editor and the referees for their valuable comments and helpful suggestions which help to improve the presentation of this paper. This research is partially supported by a Grant of National Natural Science Foundation of China (11561023; 11461025).


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  1. 1.Department of MathematicsHubei University for NationalitiesEnshiPeople’s Republic of China

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