AIDS and Behavior

, Volume 20, Issue 4, pp 768–775

HIV, Hepatitis C, and Other Sexually Transmitted Infections Among Male Sex Workers in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

  • Donn J. Colby
  • Catherine E. Oldenburg
  • Thi Nguyen
  • Elizabeth F. Closson
  • Katie B. Biello
  • Kenneth H. Mayer
  • Matthew J. Mimiaga
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DOI: 10.1007/s10461-015-1247-z

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Colby, D.J., Oldenburg, C.E., Nguyen, T. et al. AIDS Behav (2016) 20: 768. doi:10.1007/s10461-015-1247-z


There is little data on the burden of HIV and other infections that affect male sex workers (MSW) in Vietnam. We conducted behavioral and biological sexual health surveys with 300 MSW in Ho Chi Minh City. Generalized estimating equation models were built to assess factors associated with HIV, hepatitis C, and other sexually transmitted infections (STI). Of 300 MSW, 19 (6.3 %) were diagnosed seropositive for HIV, 11 (3.7 %) had hepatitis C, and 26 (8.7 %) had at least one prevalent STI. In a multivariable model, opiate use was significantly associated with HIV infection (aOR 6.46, 95 % CI 1.28–32.7) and hepatitis C (aOR = 19.6, 95 % CI 2.35–163.6). Alcohol dependency was associated with increased odds of hepatitis C (aOR = 4.79, 95 % CI 1.02–22.5) and decreased odds of other STI (aOR = 0.30, 95 % CI 0.10–0.97). These findings suggest that MSW in Vietnam would benefit from regular HIV and STI testing, as well as linkage to care and substance use rehabilitation services.


HIV Hepatitis C Prevalence Male sex work Vietnam 

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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.SEARCH, Thai Red Cross AIDS Research CentreBangkokThailand
  2. 2.Center for Applied Research on Men and HealthHo Chi Minh CityVietnam
  3. 3.Department of EpidemiologyHarvard Chan School of Public HealthBostonUSA
  4. 4.The Fenway Institute, Fenway Community HealthBostonUSA
  5. 5.Harvard Medical School AIDS Initiative in VietnamHo Chi Minh CityVietnam
  6. 6.Department of MedicineBeth Israel Deaconess Medical CenterBostonUSA
  7. 7.Department of Global Health and PopulationHarvard Chan School of Public HealthBostonUSA
  8. 8.Department of PsychiatryMassachusetts General HospitalBostonUSA

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