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Reluctance to Do Blood Testing Limits HIV Diagnosis and Appropriate Health Care of Sub-Saharan African Migrants Living in Spain

  • Bárbara NavazaEmail author
  • Anne Guionnet
  • Miriam Navarro
  • Laura Estévez
  • José Antonio Pérez-Molina
  • Rogelio López-Vélez
Brief Report


This study investigates the reasons why sub-Saharan African migrants (SSAM) living in Spain may be unwilling to have their blood tested. A qualitative study was developed for 3 years (2006–2009) with the participation of 1338 SSAM. Cultural differences along with lack of information about Spanish health care system and health-related rights produced a feeling of mistrust towards medical staff. Reluctance to do blood testing may prevent SSAM from having a prompt HIV diagnosis and an appropriate health care. Linguistically and culturally adapted information is essential to overcome these barriers and achieve an equal access to health care services and HIV testing.


Blood test Sub-Saharan Africa Migrants Ethnography HIV/AIDS 



This work has been funded by the Spanish Ministry of Health and Social Policy (Programas para prevención y control del VIH/SIDA) and the Red de Investigación de Centros de Enfermedades Tropicales (RICET) RED: RD06/0021/0020. The authors thank nurse and anthropologist Sandra Cano, Doctor Lara Repeto and all NGOs that kindly provided us appropriate spaces to carry out the interviews and focus groups.


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  • Bárbara Navaza
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    Email author
  • Anne Guionnet
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  • Miriam Navarro
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  • Laura Estévez
    • 1
  • José Antonio Pérez-Molina
    • 1
  • Rogelio López-Vélez
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  1. 1.Tropical Medicine and Clinical Parasitology Unit, Infectious Diseases DepartmentRamón y Cajal HospitalMadridSpain

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