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Brandi Janssen: Making local food work: the challenges and opportunities of today’s small farmers

University of Iowa Press, Iowa City, Iowa, 2017, 230 pp, ISBN 978-1609384920
  • Simona ZolletEmail author

Over the past decade, the concept of ‘local food’ has rapidly gained visibility, capturing the attention of researchers, consumers, activists and policymakers alike. With Making Local Food Work: The Challenges and Opportunities of Today’s Small Farmers, Brandi Janssen adds yet another piece to the puzzle of how to build local and sustainable food systems. The book is an examination of local food in the state of Iowa, United States, and of the challenges that come with trying to strengthen local and small scale food production in a state “largely regarded as the epicenter of large-scale industrial agriculture” (p. 5).

The author begins with a critique of the literature on local food systems, which tends to be excessively focused on the relationship between producers and consumers and to frame local food exclusively as a radical form of opposition and resistance to the industrial food system. These perspectives, while valid, often lead researchers and activists to overlook the...



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