Agriculture and Human Values

, Volume 29, Issue 4, pp 555–556 | Cite as

Henk Bakker: Food security in Africa and Asia, strategies for small-scale agricultural development

CAB International, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom, 2011, 231 pp, ISBN 978-1845938413
  • Aakash Goyal
  • M. Asif

In the present century, our agricultural sciences mainly focus on research for sustainable food, fuel and fibre, for the whole population. Author Henk Bakker used his experience and expertise gained in South Asia (SA) and Africa (AFR), to provide excellent coverage of the topic of food security; he not only discusses the problem itself, but also covers strategies to solve it. This timely collection of ten chapters deals with the food security problem throughout the developing world.

The introduction, “The Premise of the Book”, provides lucid information about the problem of food security in developing countries, especially in South Asia and Africa. It also talks about how small scale subsistence farming communities can participate in dealing with the food security problem. In the first chapter, Bakker elaborates the nature of the problems related to food and their sources. He describes these as thorny issues, due to population pressure, poverty, land degradation and unstable...

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  1. 1.Agricultural, Food and Nutritional ScienceUniversity of AlbertaEdmontonCanada

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