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Effects of management techniques on the establishment of eucalypt seedlings on farmland: a review

  • Sonia Graham
  • Heather M. McGinness
  • Deborah A. O’Connell


Research into the effects of seven management techniques on survival and growth of eucalypt seedlings planted on farmland is reviewed. The techniques include: pre- and post-planting weed control; soil cultivation; fertiliser; mulch; tree guards/shelters; and irrigation. The initial and ongoing effects of each technique are discussed—including the effects of timing, type and quantity. Consideration is given to site, species and climatic influences. A statistical analysis of the published survival rates is then presented, to provide information on the relative importance of, and interactions between, practices. The analysis shows that maximum survival may be achieved by using one or two management techniques. Combining this result with the insights gained from the review suggests that the use of soil cultivation and post-planting weed control are likely to achieve the greatest improvements in early eucalypt survival and growth.


Site preparation Survival Growth Eucalypt Seedling Revegetation 


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  • Sonia Graham
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  • Heather M. McGinness
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  • Deborah A. O’Connell
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