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Conical Ricci-flat nearly para-Kähler manifolds

  • Lars SchäferEmail author


In this paper, we classify conical Ricci-flat nearly para-Kähler manifolds having isotropic Nijenhuis tensor. More precisely, we give a bijective correspondence between this class of nearly para-Kähler manifolds and local cones \(M_1 \times (a,b)\) over para-Sasaki-Einstein manifolds \((M_1,g_1,T)\) carrying a parallel 3-form with isotropic support. Moreover, we show that the cone over a para-Sasaki-Einstein five-manifold \((M_1,g_1,T)\) admits a family of parallel 3-forms with isotropic support. As an application our result yields first examples of Ricci-flat (non-flat) nearly para-Kähler structures.


Nearly para-Kähler manifold Ricci-flat Semi-Riemannian metrics 

Mathematics Subject Classification (2000)

53C15 53C28 53C29 53C25 53C26 



The author thanks Lutz Habermann and the unkown referee for valuable comments on earlier versions of the manuscript and Florin Belgun and Vicente Cortés for interest and remarks during a research stay at Hamburg.


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