Einstein–Weyl structures on contact metric manifolds

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In this paper we study Einstein-Weyl structures in the framework of contact metric manifolds. First, we prove that a complete K-contact manifold admitting both the Einstein-Weyl structures W ± = (g, ±ω) is Sasakian. Next, we show that a compact contact metric manifold admitting an Einstein-Weyl structure is either K-contact or the dual field of ω is orthogonal to the Reeb vector field, provided the Reeb vector field is an eigenvector of the Ricci operator. We also prove that a contact metric manifold admitting both the Einstein-Weyl structures and satisfying \({Q\varphi = \varphi Q}\) is either K-contact or Einstein. Finally, a couple of results on contact metric manifold admitting an Einstein-Weyl structure W = (g, f η) are presented.


Einstein-Weyl structure Contact metric manifold K-contact manifold Sasakian manifold 

Mathematics Subject Classification (2000)

53C15 53C25 53C21 


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  1. 1.Department of MathematicsKrishnagar Government CollegeKrishnagarIndia

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