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Sorption charateristics of methane among various rank coals: impact of moisture

  • Baisheng NieEmail author
  • Xianfeng LiuEmail author
  • Shaofei Yuan
  • Boqing Ge
  • Wenjie Jia
  • Chunliang Wang
  • Xihui Chen


Enhanced coalbed methane (ECBM) in deep coal seams is being actively investigated around the world. Since the in situ coal seams are always saturated with water, methane sorption behavior on coal in the presence of water can help accurately assess the amount of recoverable methane. Thus, methane sorption isotherms have been measured on a high-rank anthracite, a low-volatile bituminous, a middle-volatile bituminous and a high-volatile bituminous coal with the manometric technology at 30 °C under six different moisture contents. The Dubinin–Astakhov (D–A) equation was used to fit the experimental sorption isotherm data. In all cases, the moisturized coals exhibited lower sorption capacity than the corresponding dry materials and moisture has a significant effect on CH4 sorption capacity. The maximum sorption capacity, V 0, displays a linear decline with the moisture content for the Changcun and Malan samples, but it is nonlinear for the other two coal samples. The net heat of CH4 sorption, βE, is also reduced by the presence of water, but varies only slightly between a relatively small span of about 8.8 and 10.0 kJ mol−1 for the dry samples studied, despite the difference in coal rank. In addition, the maximum sorption capacity of CH4 in dry coals presents the typical “U-shape” trend with coal rank. Moisture has a greater impact on the sorption capacity in low-rank coals than that in high-rank coals. The mechanisms responsible for the effect of moisture on CH4 sorption among various rank coals are also presented. The pore-blocking effect is the main influencing factor for high-rank anthracite, whereas, the competition sorption is dominant for low-rank coals.


Sorption Methane Moisture Coal rank Mechanism 


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