, Volume 20, Issue 5–6, pp 713–727 | Cite as

Adsorption of graphene for the removal of inorganic pollutants in water purification: a review

  • Yong Cao
  • Xinbao Li


Graphene has aroused widespread attention as a new type of adsorbents due to its outstanding ability for the removal of various pollutants from aqueous solutions. This review summarizes the application of graphene-based nanomaterials as an advanced adsorbent for the removal of inorganic pollutants including anionic and cationic type. The adsorption properties, mechanisms, isotherms, kinetics, thermodynamics and regeneration of adsorbents are all summarized, and the further research trends on graphene-based nanomaterials in the removal of pollutants are also given.


Adsorption Graphene Nanomaterials Inorganic pollutants Water purification 



This work is supported by Research Startup Fund of North China university of Water Resources and Electric Power (no. 201011).


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