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Synthesis and adsorption investigations of zeolites MCM-22 and MCM-49 modified by alkali metal cations



Ion exchange was made on MCM-22 and MCM-49 zeolites with different Si/Al molar ratios, with Li+, Na+, K+, and Cs+ ions and the study of the influence of alkali metal cations on CO2 adsorption properties was performed. The degree of ion-exchange decreased for larger cations (Cs+) apparently due to steric hindrances. The exchange with different cations led to a decrease in the surface area and the micropore volume. Our study shows that the adsorption capacity of the tested zeolites depends significantly on the nature and the concentration of the charge-compensating cations. The highest CO2 adsorption capacity was obtained on the MWW zeolites with the lowest Si/Al molar ratio and the Li+ or K+ cations.


MCM-22 zeolite MCM-49 zeolite Alkali metal cation exchange N2 and CO2 adsorption 



BET surface area, m2/g


external surface area, m2/g


total pore volume, cm3/g


micropore volume, cm3/g


Henry’s constant, cm3/g STP


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