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ε-subgradient algorithms for locally lipschitz functions on Riemannian manifolds



This paper presents a descent direction method for finding extrema of locally Lipschitz functions defined on Riemannian manifolds. To this end we define a set-valued mapping \(x\rightarrow \partial _{\varepsilon } f(x)\) named ε-subdifferential which is an approximation for the Clarke subdifferential and which generalizes the Goldstein- ε-subdifferential to the Riemannian setting. Using this notion we construct a steepest descent method where the descent directions are computed by a computable approximation of the ε-subdifferential. We establish the global convergence of our algorithm to a stationary point. Numerical experiments illustrate our results.


Riemannian manifolds Lipschitz function Descent direction Clarke subdifferential 

Mathematics Subject Classifications (2010)

49J52 65K05 58C05 


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