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Discrepancy, separation and Riesz energy of finite point sets on the unit sphere



For \(d \geqslant 2,\) we consider asymptotically equidistributed sequences of \(\mathbb S^d\) codes, with an upper bound \(\operatorname{\boldsymbol{\delta}}\) on spherical cap discrepancy, and a lower bound Δ on separation. For such sequences, if 0 < s < d, then the difference between the normalized Riesz s energy of each code, and the normalized s-energy double integral on the sphere is bounded above by \(\operatorname{O}\big(\operatorname{\boldsymbol{\delta}}^{1-s/d}\,\Delta^{-s}\,N^{-s/d}\big),\) where N is the number of code points. For well separated sequences of spherical codes, this bound becomes \(\operatorname{O}\big(\operatorname{\boldsymbol{\delta}}^{1-s/d}\big).\) We apply these bounds to minimum energy sequences, sequences of well separated spherical designs, sequences of extremal fundamental systems, and sequences of equal area points.


Sphere Spherical cap discrepancy Separation Riesz energy 

Mathematics Subject Classifications (2010)

11K38 41A55 65D30 


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