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Alex Rosenberg and Robert Arp (eds): Philosophy of Biology: An Anthology

Wiley-Blackwell, Chichester, 2010, ix + 464 pp, ISBN: 978-1-4051-8316-1
  • Raphael SchollEmail author
Book Review

It is useful to judge an anthology by the same criteria as we would use to judge a kit of building blocks: Does it contain pieces of sufficient quantity, variety and quality to build a wide range of interesting things? In the case of Philosophy of Biology: An Anthology, edited by Alex Rosenberg and Robert Arp, the answer is a clear but qualified yes. The anthology will be of service to teachers who are composing a syllabus in philosophy of biology, to students who are looking for some initial texts on key topics, or to anyone who is interested in an introduction to philosophy of biology’s scope and recent history. However, some problems with the choice and editing of the reprinted texts detract from the volume’s overall quality.

Rosenberg and Arp’s anthology joins previous collections of reprinted texts such as Hull and Ruse (1998), Sober (2006) and Ruse (2007). Such collections have long served to define the debates, achievements and open questions of philosophy of biology—and of...


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