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The Propagation of Shock Waves in Incompressible Fluids: The Case of Freshwater

  • Andrea MentrelliEmail author
  • Tommaso Ruggeri


In this paper we investigate the basic features of shock waves propagation in freshwater in the framework of a hyperbolic model consisting of the one-dimensional Euler equations closed by means of polynomial equations of state extracted from experimental tabulated data available in the literature (Sun et al. in Deep-Sea Res. I 55:1304–1310, 2008). The Rankine–Hugoniot equations are numerically solved in order to determine the Hugoniot locus representing the set of perturbed states that can be connected through a k-shock to an unperturbed state.

The results are found to be consistent with those previously obtained in the framework of the EQTI model by means of a modified Boussinesq equation of state.


Incompressible fluids Shock waves in water Rankine–Hugoniot conditions 



The authors are grateful to Dott. Francesco Paparella (University of Salento) for the interesting discussions and for providing useful references. This work has been partially supported by GNFM/INdAM Young Researchers Project 2012 “Hyperbolic Models for Incompressible Materials” (A.M.), and by University of Bologna FARB 2012 Project “Extended Thermodynamics of Non-Equilibrium Processes from Macro- to Nano-Scale” and GNFM/INdAM (A.M. & T.R.)


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  1. 1.Department of Mathematics & Research Center of Applied Mathematics (CIRAM)University of BolognaBolognaItaly

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