A Single-Port Robotic Platform for Laparoscopic Surgery with a Large Central Channel for Additional Instrument

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A new approach to a surgical robotic platform for single incision laparoscopic or natural orifice transluminal endoscopic surgery is presented in this paper This platform allows insertion of up to four instruments including the robotic arms and the camera through a single cannula at the same footprint. After insertion of all instruments, a large central channel of 15 mm diameter is kept clear for the passage of additional laparoscopic instruments, such as passage or retrieval of suture needles, and/or suction irrigators which greatly facilitates the performance of complex surgical procedures. Phantom and animal trials have been performed to evaluate the insertion and retrieval sequences. These important features were made possible by internally-motorized robotic arms with 7 degrees of freedom and with no external mechanical device connections. The whole platform, together with the 3 degrees of freedom from the swivel system that support the cannula, has altogether 10 degrees of freedom to allow the operation of complex surgeries and access to all quadrants of the abdominal cavity. This new single-port robotic platform paves a new development direction for future non-invasive surgery.

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This work is funded by the Innovation and Technology Commission of HKSAR (Project No.: ITS/149/13FX) and Bio-Medical Engineering (HK) Limited.

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Correspondence to C. K. Yeung.

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Associate Editor K. Jane Grande-Allen oversaw the review of this article.

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