Annals of Biomedical Engineering

, Volume 43, Issue 4, pp 844–857 | Cite as

Emerging Trends in Heart Valve Engineering: Part II. Novel and Standard Technologies for Aortic Valve Replacement

  • Arash Kheradvar
  • Elliott M. Groves
  • Craig J. Goergen
  • S. Hamed Alavi
  • Robert Tranquillo
  • Craig A. Simmons
  • Lakshmi P. Dasi
  • K. Jane Grande-Allen
  • Mohammad R. K. Mofrad
  • Ahmad Falahatpisheh
  • Boyce Griffith
  • Frank Baaijens
  • Stephen H. Little
  • Suncica Canic


The engineering of technologies for heart valve replacement (i.e., heart valve engineering) is an exciting and evolving field. Since the first valve replacement, technology has progressed by leaps and bounds. Innovations emerge frequently and supply patients and physicians with new, increasingly efficacious and less invasive treatment options. As much as any other field in medicine the treatment of heart valve disease has experienced a renaissance in the last 10 years. Here we review the currently available technologies and future options in the surgical and transcatheter treatment of aortic valve disease. Different valves from major manufacturers are described in details with their applications.


Heart valve engineering Mechanical heart valve Transcatheter aortic valves Bioprosthetic heart valves 



This review article was prepared after the Mathematics Guiding Bioartificial Heart Valve Design meeting held at the Ohio State University, October 28 to 31, 2013. The authors would like to acknowledge the Mathematical Biosciences Institute and its grant from National Science Foundation (DMS 0931642) that facilitated the meeting.

Conflict of interest

Arash Kheradvar is a co-founder of FOLDA LLC, the manufacturer of FOLDAVALVE. Otherwise the remaining authors have nothing to disclose.


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