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, Volume 36, Issue 4, pp 553–554 | Cite as

Timothy Clack and Marcus Brittain (Eds.): The River: Peoples and Histories of the Omo-Turkana Area

Oxford, Archaeopress, 2018, 202 pp., ISBN 978-1-78-969033-0
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Book Review

T. Clack and M. Brittain’s edited volume is a compilation of short essays on the peoples, past and present, who live and have lived along the Omo River in southwestern Ethiopia and across the northern Turkana Basin in northwestern Kenya. Neither an academic tome nor a coffee-table collection of photos and pithy captions, this book usefully falls somewhere in between. Twenty-five chapters, written by a roster of paleontologists, archaeologists, and cultural anthropologists, cover everything from deep history to modern geopolitics in one of the most linguistically and culturally diverse regions of eastern Africa.

Each essay is only a few pages long, distilled and clear. Some scholars might find a lack of in-text citations frustrating, but each essay ends with a “Further Reading” list of three to five academic references. The book is liberally and beautifully illustrated with maps, illustrations, and color photographs throughout. J-B. Eczet provides striking black and white images of...


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