A coupled nonlinear continuum model for bifurcation behaviour of fluid-conveying nanotubes incorporating internal energy loss

  • Ali FarajpourEmail author
  • Mergen H. Ghayesh
  • Hamed Farokhi
Research Paper


A coupled continuum model incorporating size influences and geometric nonlinearity is presented for the coupled motions of viscoelastic nonlinear nanotubes conveying nanofluid. A modified model of nanobeams incorporating nonlocal strain gradient effects is utilised for describing size influences on the bifurcation behaviour of the fluid-conveying nanotube. Furthermore, size influences on the nanofluid are taken into account via Beskok–Karniadakis theory. To model the geometric nonlinearity, nonlinear strain–displacement relations are employed. Utilising Hamilton’s principle and the Kelvin–Voigt model, the coupled equations of nonlinear motions capturing the internal energy loss are derived. A Galerkin procedure with a high number of shape functions and a direct time-integration scheme are then employed to extract the bifurcation characteristics of the nanofluid-conveying nanotube with viscoelastic properties. A specific attention is paid to the chaotic response of the viscoelastic nanosystem. It is found that the coupled viscoelastic bifurcation behaviour is very sensitive to the flow velocity.


Nanotubes Nanofluid flow Internal energy loss Coupled motion Nonlocal strain gradient model 



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