Microfluidics and Nanofluidics

, Volume 7, Issue 2, pp 149–167 | Cite as

Applications, techniques, and microfluidic interfacing for nanoscale biosensing

  • Jungkyu Kim
  • Michael Junkin
  • Deok-Ho Kim
  • Seunglee Kwon
  • Young Shik Shin
  • Pak Kin Wong
  • Bruce K. Gale
Review Paper


Biosensors based on nanotechnology are rapidly developing and are becoming widespread in the biomedical field and analytical chemistry. For these nanobiosensors to reach their potential, they must be integrated with appropriate packaging techniques, which are usually based on nano/microfluidics. In this review we provide a summary of the latest developments in nanobiosensors with a focus on label-based (fluorescence and nanoparticle) and label-free methods (surface plasmon resonance, micro/nanocantilever, nanowires, and nanopores). An overview on how these sensors interface with nano/microfluidics is then presented and the latest papers in the area summarized.


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This work is supported by the Prevent Cancer Foundation and Arizona Biomedical Research Commission (to P. K. W.) and the National Science Foundation (B. K. G).


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