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In This Issue

Special Feature on Economics of Infectious Disease, Trade, and Pandemic Risk

Berry et al. begin this Special Feature in EcoHealth on the Economics of Infectious Disease, Trade, and Pandemic Risk by discussing the benefits of a creating global pandemic fund to fight large-scale emergence events. Pandemics emerge stochastically, are predominantly zoonotic in nature and originate in tropical countries. These events are increasing in frequency, and deliberations on the size and nature of the WHO pandemic fund continue, yet appropriations as seen for Ebola in the USA are likely necessary to manage these risks. The spillovers are key as seen by these funds being used to combat to the outbreak of Zika virus. The need for these kinds of funds which can be flexibly targeted to combat future emerging disease threats is clear and ought to be based on sound economic analysis.

Chitchumnong and Horanexplain an individual’s infectious disease risks may depend on others’ mitigation choices, creating...

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