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Editorial: EcoHealth2014 Call to Action on Climate Change

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People, our fellow creatures and our mutual planet need our urgent attention in the face of global environmental change. The ecohealth community recognizes that global climate change and its impacts are profound issues requiring definitive action. This statement is a call to action on climate change for the ecohealth community in conjunction with others similarly committed to the health and well-being of humans, animals, and environments.

The call is to build upon the strengths of ecohealth to make sustained efforts by integrating, understanding, sharing insights and tools, and taking practical steps and coordinated actions. The statement is intended as a stepping-stone within a growing momentum that connects diverse current and future actions to respond to climate change, and orients collective efforts to a combined focus on connections for health, ecosystems, and society.

Ecohealth and Climate Change

Ecohealth is a field of research, education, and practice that integrates scientific...

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