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From Multiple Voices to a Common Language: Ecosystem Approaches to Human Health as an Emerging Paradigm

  • Renaud De PlaenEmail author
  • Catherine Kilelu


The International Forum on Ecosystem Approaches to Human Health, held in Montreal, May 18–23, 2003, was one product of a new paradigm or framework linking health, ecosystems, and sustainable development that emerged in recent decades. This profile aims to provide a backdrop for the contents of this supplementary issue by outlining some of the key principles of the Ecosystem Approaches to Human Health (Ecohealth) framework. It also discusses some of the activities supported by the Ecosystem Approaches to Human Health Program Initiative of the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) to build on the success of the Forum. In doing so, the intention is to frame the 2003 Forum as one in a series of opportunities to reflect and learn from precedents of research and practice from an ecohealth perspective and to foster the development of a community of practice on Ecohealth (COPEH). The profile not only places the contents of the supplement and the Forum within a larger context, but also provides an overview of other IDRC activities that are building capacity for future research and practice, and are strengthening the emerging COPEH.


ecohealth community of practice capacity building networking 


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  1. 1.Ecosystem Approaches to Human Health Program InitiativeInternational Development Research Centre (IDRC)OttawaCanada

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