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Uveitis: contrasting the approaches in Japan and the United States

  • James T. RosenbaumEmail author
Forefront Review Organizer: Annabelle A. Okada, MD, DMSc



To compare the approaches to uveitis in Japan and the United States.


This report is based on the author’s personal experience, conversations with Japanese colleagues, and a literature search using the database of the US National Library of Medicine.


The frequencies of specific forms of uveitis vary between the two countries. Options for therapy are affected by government regulations and the impact of insurance carriers. In both countries, there is a stepwise approach to therapy beginning with topical corticosteroids and ultimately advancing to biologics. Despite the differences, the goals for therapy, disease control with minimal toxicity, are the same.


Genetic, environmental, and regulatory differences impact the approach to uveitis. Despite these factors, the goal for therapy is essentially the same.


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The author is indebted to Professor Annabelle Okada for constructive comments on the contents of this manuscript and to Sandra Lewis, M.D. for assistance in preparing the bar graph.

Conflicts of interest

Consultant fees (AbbVie, Eyevensys, Gilead, Janssen, Novartis, Regeneron, Roche, UCB); Clinical trial support (Pfizer).


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