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Assessment of narrow angles by gonioscopy, Van Herick method and anterior segment optical coherence tomography

  • Seong Bae Park
  • Kyung Rim Sung
  • Sung Yung Kang
  • Jung Woo Jo
  • Kyoung Sub Lee
  • Michael S. Kook
Clinical Investigation



To evaluate anterior chamber (AC) angles using gonioscopy, Van Herick technique and anterior segment optical coherence tomography (AS-OCT).


One hundred forty-eight consecutive subjects were enrolled. The agreement between any two of three diagnostic methods, gonioscopy, AS-OCT and Van Herick, was calculated in narrow-angle patients. The area under receiver-operating characteristic curves (AUC) for discriminating between narrow and open angles determined by gonioscopy was calculated in all participants for AS-OCT parameter angle opening distance (AOD), angle recess area, trabecular iris surface area and anterior chamber depth (ACD). As a subgroup analysis, capability of AS-OCT parameters for detecting angle closure defined by AS-OCT was assessed in narrow-angle patients.


The agreement between the Van Herick method and gonioscopy in detecting angle closure was excellent in narrow angles (κ = 0.80, temporal; κ = 0.82, nasal). However, agreement between gonioscopy and AS-OCT and between the Van Herick method and AS-OCT was poor (κ = 0.11–0.16). Discrimination capability of AS-OCT parameters between open and narrow angles determined by gonioscopy was excellent for all AS-OCT parameters (AUC, temporal: AOD500 = 0.96, nasal: AOD500 = 0.99). The AUCs for detecting angle closure defined by AS-OCT image in narrow angle subjects was good for all AS-OCT parameters (AUC, 0.80–0.94) except for ACD (temporal: ACD = 0.70, nasal: ACD = 0.63).


Assessment of narrow angles by gonioscopy and the Van Herick technique showed good agreement, but both measurements revealed poor agreement with AS-OCT. The angle closure detection capability of AS-OCT parameters was excellent; however, it was slightly lower in ACD.


Gonioscopy Van Herick method Anterior segment optical coherence tomography 


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  • Kyung Rim Sung
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  • Sung Yung Kang
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  • Jung Woo Jo
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  • Kyoung Sub Lee
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  • Michael S. Kook
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  1. 1.BS Eye CenterSeoulRepublic of Korea
  2. 2.Department of Ophthalmology, College of MedicineUniversity of Ulsan, Asan Medical CenterSeoulRepublic of Korea

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