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Rectal Injury Caused by Personal Watercraft Accident

Report of a Case
  • Bernard Descottes
  • Fouzi Lachachi
  • Issifou Moumouni
  • Sylvaine Durand-Fontanier
  • Ramy Geballa
Case Report


A 16-year-old male riding as a passenger on a personal watercraft fell behind the jet nozzle while jumping waves. An unusual rectal injury caused by the accident and resulting in the death of the patient is presented. The surgical management and postoperative course is discussed. Attention is drawn to the need for adequate protective clothes for all passengers of personal watercraft and to the necessity of a complete examination for correct diagnosis and treatment.


Rectal injury Personal watercraft Colostomy 


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  • Bernard Descottes
  • Fouzi Lachachi
  • Issifou Moumouni
  • Sylvaine Durand-Fontanier
  • Ramy Geballa

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