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Palaeoenvironmental implications of Palaeomicrocodium in Upper Devonian microbial mounds of the Chernyshev Swell, Timan-northern Ural Region

  • Anna I. Antoshkina
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Nine major microfacies and eight transgressive-regressive cycles have been recognized in the middle Frasnian-Famennian microbial mound of the Shar'yu River section in the Chernyshev Swell, Timan-northern Ural region. Rocks including Palaeomicrocodium at the top of each cycle show signs of brecciation, freshwater leaching, and vadose cementation. Palaeomicrocodium, an enigmatic structure, being close in nature to Microcodium, is useful as a palaeoenvironmental indicator and can also be used in regional correlations. Seven levels of subaerial expose surfaces with Palaeomicrocodium correspond to seven breaks in growth of the microbial mound in the Upper Devonian reef-like formation. The high-amplitude sea-level changes recognized are in good correlation with those in the Moscow Syneclise and are also fixed on the global eustatic curve.


Palaeomicrocodium Microbial mound Microfacies Cycle Correlation Timan Northern Ural region Upper Devonian 



I would like to express my thanks to Prof. Pierre Bultynck, Drs. Philippe Lapointe and Grzegorz Racki for their helpful advice about new information in this field. I am especially grateful to Dr. Peep Männik for linguistic help and also Dr. Vadim Shuysky (recently deceased), Drs. Boris Chuvashov, Svetlana Remisova, Alexandra Yudina, Alexander Ivanov, and Tat'yana Beznosova, for assistance in determining the cyanobacteria, foraminifers, conodonts, ichthyoliths and brachiopods. I am grateful to Gennadij Semenov, Petr Yukhtanov and Irina Rudakova for considerable help with photos and computer graphics. Many thanks to Drs. F. Boulvain and S. Kershaw (reviewers) for their constructive critics and useful comments, and Prof. Dr. A. Freiwald for editing of the manuscript. This paper is a contribution to the IGCP 509 Project.


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  1. 1.Institute of GeologyKomi Science Center, Ural Branch, Russian Academy of SciencesSyktyvkarKomi Republic, Russia

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