Physical and Biochemical Properties of cv. Michele Palieri Table Grape (V. vinifera L.) in Relation to Various Doses of Foliar Applications of Oak and Boron

  • Demir KokEmail author
  • Erdinc Bal
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In viticulture, efforts have been recently made to increase grape quality with various foliar applications. Among these foliar applications, it is commonly utilized from foliar oak and boron applications in enhancing of fruit quality for different fruit species. In this study, effects of foliar applications of oak either alone or in combination with boron were tested for grape quality of cv. Michele Palieri. For this aim, 0, 750, 1500 and 3000 ppm of oak and 0 and 350 ppm of boron were used as doses of foliar applications. The results obtained from study suggest that combined foliar applications of oak and boron to grapevine could be a beneficial and accessible management tool for enhancing of grape quality. In conclusion, the best results from physical and biochemical properties of cv. Michele Palieri were respectively obtained from foliar applications of 3000 ppm Oa and 3000 ppm Oa + 350 ppm B.


V. vinifera L. Table grape Foliar spraying Oak Boron Biochemicals 

Physikalische und biochemische Eigenschaften der Tafeltraubensorte (V. vinifera L.) ‘Michele Palieri’ in Abhängigkeit von unterschiedlichen Blattdüngungen mit Eichenextrakt und Bor


V. vinifera L. Tafeltrauben Blattdüngung Eichenextrakt Bor Biochemikalien 


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