Development and Validation of a Liquid Chromatography–Tandem Mass Spectrometry Method for Multiresidue Determination of 25 Herbicides in Soil and Tobacco

  • Ya Chen
  • Yurong Yu
  • Xiangwu Liu
  • Ya Yang
  • Ping LuEmail author
  • Deyu HuEmail author


In the cultivation of tobacco, crop rotation patterns, such as tobacco/rice or tobacco/corn, are widely used. However, the use of herbicides in the rice or corn phase can lead to their being taken in during the tobacco phase by inner conduction action. In the present study, to monitor the use of herbicides in tobacco, a sensitive and simple analytical method coupled with liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (LC–MS/MS) has been established for determination of 25 herbicides in soil as well as fresh and flue-cured tobacco leaf. The herbicides analyzed include six aryloxy phenoxy propionate herbicides (APPs) and 19 sulfonylureas herbicides (SUs). The samples were extracted using acetonitrile and purified using C18 sorbent before analysis. Optimum separation of the analytes was achieved using an Agilent Eclipse XDB-C18 column at 40 °C and gradient elution with acetonitrile and 0.1% aqueous formic acid as the mobile phase at a flow rate of 0.8 mL min−1. The limits of quantification and detection are in the ranges 0.08–1.00 mg kg−1 and 0.024–0.30 mg kg−1, respectively, and matrix effects in the range − 70 to 50% were achieved. The recovery rates obtained from spiked soil and tobacco leaf samples ranged from 72.32 to 116.83% with intra-day and inter-day relative standard deviations of 0.44–11.55%. In addition, the method developed was applied to the determination of herbicides residues in actual soil and tobacco samples, revealing that the proposed method can detect trace amounts of APPs and SUs in soil as well as in fresh and flue-cured tobacco leaf.

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Liquid chromatography–tandem mass spectrometry (LC–MS/MS) Aryloxy phenoxy propionate herbicide Sulfonylurea herbicide Tobacco Soil 


Author Contributions

The formulation of overarching research goals and aims were performed by [DH] and [PL]. Development of methodology was conducted by [YC] and [YY]. Material preparation, provision data collection and analysis were performed by [YC], [YY], [XL] and [YY]. The first draft of the manuscript was written by [YC] and all authors commented on previous versions of the manuscript. All authors read and approved the final manuscript.


This study was funded by the National Key Research and Development Program of China (Grant number 2016YFD0201305) and the Science and Technology Programs of Guizhou Province (Grant number [2019]2347).

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All authors declare that they have no conflict of interest.

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This article does not contain any studies with human participants or animals performed by the authors.

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