Correction to: Lloyd R. Snyder: An Appreciation 1931–2018

  • Imre MolnárEmail author

Correction to: Chromatographia

The publisher apologizes for the incomplete legend of Fig. 1 in the original version of this article. The correct information of Fig. 1 is given below:

Fig. 1

A group photo with of Lloyd with his friends and colleagues in 2001 at his 70th birthday. The event was organized by Elsevier in Ellecom in the Netherland. Top row: Peter Schoenmakers, John Dolan, Peter Carr, Jack Kirkland, Imre Molnár, Klaas Bij, John Dorsey, Roger Giese, Rob Marx, Shigeru Terabe, Nobuo Tanaka; middle row: Erich Heftmann, David McCalley, Gyula Vigh, Roman Kaliszan, Csaba Horváth, Lloyd Snyder, Sandra Poole, Sarah Rutan, Edward Soczewinski; bottom row: Pavel Jandera, Colin Poole, Hans Poppe, Vadim Davankov. (George Guiochon is missing)


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