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, Volume 3, Issue 4, pp 182–185 | Cite as

Ferrate(VI) oxidation of ibuprofen: A kinetic study

  • Virender K. Sharma
  • Santosh K. Mishra
Original Paper


The kinetics of ferrate(VI) (FeVIO4 2−, Fe(VI)) oxidation of an antiphlogistic drug, ibuprofen (IBP), as a function of pH (7.75–9.10) and temperature (25–45°C) were investigated to see the applicability of Fe(VI) in removing this drug from water. The rates decrease with an increase in pH and the rates are related to protonation of ferrate(VI). The rates increase with an increase in temperature. The E a of the reaction at pH 9.10 was calculated as 65.4±6.4 kJ mol−1. The rate constant of the HFeO4 with ibuprofen is lower than with the sulphur drug, sulfamethoxazole. The use of Fe(VI) to remove ibuprofen is briefly discussed.


Ferrate(VI) Kinetics Oxidation Ibuprofen 



Authors wish to thank Brandon O’Brien for useful comments on the paper.


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  1. 1.Chemistry DepartmentFlorida Institute of Technology, 150 West University BoulevardMelbourneUSA

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