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, Volume 20, Issue 1, pp 111–122

Effectiveness of observation-domain sidereal filtering for GPS precise point positioning

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DOI: 10.1007/s10291-015-0473-1

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Atkins, C. & Ziebart, M. GPS Solut (2016) 20: 111. doi:10.1007/s10291-015-0473-1


Sidereal filtering is a technique used to reduce errors caused by multipath in the positioning of static receivers via the Global Positioning System (GPS). It relies upon the receiver and its surrounding environment remaining static from one day to the next and takes advantage of the approximately sidereal repeat time of the GPS constellation geometry. The repeating multipath error can thus be identified, usually in the position domain, and largely removed from the following day. We describe an observation-domain sidereal filter algorithm that operates on undifferenced ionospheric-free GPS carrier phase measurements to reduce errors caused by multipath. It is applied in the context of high-rate (1 Hz) precise point positioning of a static receiver. An observation-domain sidereal filter (ODSF) is able to account for the slightly different repeat times of each GPS satellite, unlike a position-domain sidereal filter (PDSF), and can hence be more effective at reducing high-frequency multipath error. Using 8-h long datasets of GPS measurements from two different receivers with different antenna types and contrasting environments, the ODSF algorithm is shown overall to yield a position time series 5–10 % more stable, in terms of Allan deviation, than a PDSF over nearly all time intervals below about 200 s in length. This may be particularly useful for earthquake and tsunami early warning systems where the accurate measurement of small displacements of the ground over the period of just a few minutes is crucial. However, the sidereal filters are also applied to a third dataset during which two short episodes of particularly high-frequency multipath error were identified. These two periods are analyzed in detail and illustrate the limitations of using sidereal filters with important implications for other methods of correcting for multipath at the observation level.


GPS PPP Multipath Sidereal filtering High-rate Carrier phase Allan deviation Seismology 

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