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Batch replenishment planning under capacity reservation contract

  • Mlouka Farhat
PhD Thesis

This is a summary of the author’s Ph.D. thesis supervised by Ayse Akbalik, Nathalie Sauer, and Atidel B. Hadj-Alouane and defended on February 8, 2019 at Université de Lorraine, in Metz, France. The thesis is written in English and is available from the author upon request at In this thesis, we study the single-item Lot Sizing Problem (LSP) with batch ordering under different types of capacity reservation contract, particularly, the buyback contract, in a system with one retailer and one supplier. Note that LSP is a classical replenishment (or production) planning problem with the aim of satisfying the deterministic demand of the retailer over a finite horizon, by minimizing the total replenishment and inventory holding cost in our context. The additional batch ordering assumption in LSP allows the retailer to receive his products in batches of a certain size (pallets, containers, vehicles, etc.), with a fixed cost associated to each batch replenished....


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