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The trade-off between inventories, lead time and capacity: application to vaccine supply chain design

  • Stef Lemmens
PhD Thesis

This is a summary of the author’s Ph.D. thesis supervised by Nico Vandaele and defended on October 23rd, 2018 at KU Leuven. The thesis is written in English and is available from the author upon request at and from This work deals with the modeling and measuring of the operational performance of a vaccine manufacturing supply chain. These models are part of a broader, overarching framework on stakeholder-based vaccine supply chain design.

In this thesis we first present the overarching framework and we show how the developed models in this doctoral dissertation are positioned in that framework. The overarching framework consists of five steps to generate and evaluate new (vaccine) supply chain designs. According to this five-step framework we emphasize the involvement of relevant stakeholders to design a new vaccine supply chain. Such stakeholders are not limited to the people or parties involved with the...

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  • Stef Lemmens

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