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Tactical production planning for physical and financial flows of supply chain in a multi-site context

  • Yuan Bian
PhD Thesis

This is a summary of the author’s Ph.D. thesis supervised by Nathalie BOSTEL, David LEMOINE and Thomas YEUNG and defended on December 19 2017 at IMT Atlantique, in Nantes. The thesis was partially funded by the FUI15 project Risk, Credit and Supply chain Management (RCSM) which is supported by the French competitivity clusters EMC2 and Finance Innovation. It is written in English and is available from the author upon request at The goal of this thesis is to demonstrate the interest and ways to consider the financial costs of the Working Capital Requirements (WCR) in addition to the classical logistical costs. As a result, we highlight the consequences of this integration on the production planning decisions in single and multi-site supply chains.

Companies always need free cash flow to undertake their operations, react to any uncertainties and ensure solvency. This is particularly essential in a context of financial crisis. Thus, this research serves as an...

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