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A decomposition approach for a very large scale optimal diversity management problem


This paper focuses on the solution of the optimal diversity management problem formulated as a p-Median problem. The problem is solved for very large scale real instances arising in the car industry and defined on a graph with several tens of thousands of nodes and with several millions of arcs. The particularity is that the graph can consist of several non connected components. This property is used to decompose the problem into a series of p-Median subproblems of a smaller dimension. We use a greedy heuristic and a Lagrangian heuristic for each subproblem. The solution of the whole problem is obtained by solving a suitable assignment problem using a Branch-and-Bound algorithm.

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Author information

Correspondence to Pasquale Avella.

Additional information

Received: June 2004 / Revised version: December 2004

MSC classification:

49M29, 90C06, 90C27, 90C60

All correspondence to: Antonio Sforza

Igor Vasil’ev: Support for this author was provided by NATO grant CBP.NR.RIG.911258.

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Avella, P., Boccia, M., Di Martino, C. et al. A decomposition approach for a very large scale optimal diversity management problem. 4OR 3, 23–37 (2005).

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  • optimal diversity management problem
  • p-median
  • Lagrangian heuristic