Computational Management Science

, Volume 5, Issue 1–2, pp 7–40

ETSAP-TIAM: the TIMES integrated assessment model Part I: Model structure

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In this first part of a two-part article, the principal characteristics of the TIMES model and of its global incarnation as ETSAP-TIAM are presented and discussed. TIMES was conceived as a descendent of the MARKAL and EFOM paradigms, to which several new features were added to extend its functionalities and its applicability to the exploration of energy systems and the analysis of energy and environmental policies. The article stresses the technological nature of the model and its economic foundation and properties. The article stays at the conceptual and practical level, while a companion article is devoted to the more detailed formulation of TIMES equations. Special sections are devoted to the description of four optional features of TIMES: lumpy investments, endogenous technology learning, stochastic programming, and the climate module. The article ends with a brief description of recent applications of the ETSAP-TIAM model.


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